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Saturday, February 12, 2011

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Just look what came home with me today - a Janome Horizon 7700:
I haven't sewn a stich on it yet, reads the manual and will watch the instruction DVD in just a while. But it does look fancy, doesn't it? Can hardly wait to try it out, but it's so different from the Janome 6600MC so I think I better learn a bit first. One thing that really bothers me is - where do you put larger spools of thread???

Winter struck again yesterday and it was chaos everywhere - there wasn't a single bus in traffic anywhere in the Stockholm area and the commuter trains was at least one hour late. In these circumstances I had to go and pick up the big car from it's beauty treatment out in the near countryside. But - I managed and got home in one piece. Today it look like this:
The kids have gone down town on their own for the very first time. Sam is going to ask around for a PRAO place (heaven knows what that is in English) and brought John with him. Ack how fast they grow up LOL.

Now DVD time.


Melody said...

Very cool Wolfie. Do either or both of the machines have a large enough throat area to quilt much?

Its tough watching the kids grow up and letting them do new things on their own isn't it. Especially for those of us that weren't angels growing up. Good luck. Love the snow pictures.

Åsa said...

Did you chew on your heart with your frontteeth?? when the boys did get downtown?? or did you manege to stay cool??

Niiiiice machine and what a variety of stitches, my sewing machine is long gone caput :(((

Love u hon

Wolfie said...

Melody - the 6600MC is considered more of a quilting machine (from a normal sewing point of view) and I have with great force quilted a king sized bed spread on it. But I promised myself - never again that size. The Horizon has a wider throat and quite a large acrylic extenuation table, so I believe it will be somewhat easier to quilt on it.

Åsa - nope, this time I manage to keep my teeth in their right place LOL. I do believe I spoiled it a bit for them, cause I called after 2.5hrs and then they was on the commuter train all by themselves. Imagine - they had been through umpteenth of stores and had not bought a single thing? Sam gave us a step by step description on what they had done LOL. But still no PRAO place, lorry me he has been so good with mailing, calling and going in and out of stores asking....He knows that he has done everything he can, so soon it will be up tho that SYO consultant (any idea on what they call that in English?) at school to fix something.

Love ya back8>