Sunday, February 20, 2011

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I don't know but you, but I hate to have's. Since I am such a Ms Goodie Twoshoes, there aren't very many of them in my house, but those who lurks there galls me everytime I come across them. That headboard cover I started before I did the DWR for my MIL, has been hanging on the back of the chair in my studio and I feel absolutely no drive to finish it. And a sad thing that is, since it is a very good looking thing...

But I do have two projects that are even older than that, a collection of table mats and a top I made from one of Eleanor Burns books - Quick Trip I think it's called (the book that is). The mats I made tow of each colorings in the same design, enough of them to go around our humongous dinner table in case of family dinners. I finished 4, the rest of the tiny tops has been laying there unsandwiched. Until yesterday when I finally came to the "enough is enough" bend of the road. It suddenly struck me - here I have this fancy new machine - let's take it for a real spin. Said and done, sandwiched with spray glue and them four different stitches with the same King Tut variegated thread and then a quite suiting binding. The result:
The thing is - I can't tell for sure whatever went through my mind when I chooses the fabrics for the others - I mean, I think I sued every color scheme there is, like purple and yellow, lilac and pastels, blues,  dark green with yellow.....How could I even think they would work together on a dinner table???? Well, since I like the colors of this India inspired mat, I think I'm going to start over and make them two of each more in the same colors, but different fabrics and layout. After that I just need to get some new table ware, I mean blue olive leaves on white plates don't go very well with red and yellows - does it?? 

Minus 16C and bright sunshine. The dogs and The DH came back after less than 15 minutes ;-)