African dogs

Thursday, February 24, 2011

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Yup,  my girls are true to their origin (Rhodesian Ridgebacks aka Africa Liondogs) and bask in the sun at every opportunity they get. Just have to be glad there is no lionlike creatures at this part of the world:-)


Melody said...

What beautiful girls. My boys are sleeping this morning but theres no sun to be seen today. I have one English Mastiff who is an old boy and my daughter's puppy. He's a Rottweiler mix and I'd never tell them but I'll miss him terribly when she moves back out.

Anonymous said...

There are TWO lionlike girls living quit close to you :)))

Wolfie said...

Melody - oh Mastiffs are just gorgeous! Well so are Rottweilers - what kin doff mix is he? Fiona is 9 going on 10 and I keep telling her that she has to stay with us very many more years ;-)

Anonymous: Imagine what would happen if we put them all together? When we was at the vet for Fiona's manicure, there was an AmStaff that had gotten her entire ear of in a girl fight. The horrible owner said "oh well, they are just dogs". Could have slapped her.

Beth said...

I see your girls are laying about....just like they do in Africa... and not just the dogs! The Lions do too.

Wolfie said...

Beth, I can't help but wonder what on earth my girls would do if they actually saw a lion IRL???? If I know them correctly at least Arwen would run the other. But who knows, they do think (at first) that deer babies and foxes are some sort of a RR ;-P