Happiness in form of metal casing?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

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Now this may sound ridiculous to some, but I think I'm "in love" (well it is Valentines day tomorrow, isn't it??) with the new fancy Horizon. Not that I have had the time or energy to take it on a real quilting test round yet, but I have tested a lot of the 250 or so different stitches.

And just look at them!!! I must say that IMHO that the quality of these stitches are miles apart from the ones that the Janome 6600MC produced. Here I was thinking that machine was pretty good, but compared to the Horeizon after just and hour or so,  I can see a remarkable difference. 
The automatic thread cutter is silent like a lamb LOL. The automatic threader stays locked until the thread is threaded , the lightning is fantastic (even The DH commented on it), the steering knob and the stylo pen......and the very large acrylic table. Not to mention the speed at it sew all these stitches:-O And the fact that it takes to metallic threads umpteenth times better than the 6600 which  refused to do it without shredding the thread to pieces every 5cm or so, make me real happy.

You know, I haven't sewn any garments in ages, mostly due to the fact that the 6600 didn't have a free arm, making it virtually impossible to sew in sleeves etc. But the Horizon do have one (that easily can be converted back and fro to a solid table) and sitting there sewing all them different stitches, I felt a twinge of desire to sew something else than quilts - a nice shirt decorated with ton in tone silky thread and different stitches maybe? Need to Google and see if I can find any nice and working patterns.

The creative possibilities are endless, so much that right now I suffer from a sewing block - hehehe.