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Friday, March 5, 2010

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This has been the most horrible winter in a long time and still is. We are having so much snow it's unbelievable and the people who plow the streets here in our municipality isn't exactly doing a good job. Thank heaven for the 4WD and that diff mood you can use that probably makes it possible to climb small mountains with it LOL. All this wintery stuff makes us all quite tired and in some cases, feeling ready to give up and hibernate - I mean it is the first week in March and no relief can be foreseen.

Well the good thing is that I'm back at sewing again (and the DH at fixing the RV and modding the MC) and have finished quilting the first bedspread for the RV. But while audition fabrics for the binding, I found absolutely nothing that looked great. I know I know, very very silly of me when it just the binding and since the spreads will be tucked under the mattresses, I could use whatever I had enough of in store....but I am such a stickler for details, that it would feel completely wrong. I mean, if I spend a uncountable couple of hours making the top, taking care that all the details are as perfect as I am able to make them, I can't fib away the binding.

So I just placed an order with Thousands of Bolts for 12 yrds, the first fabric purchase in many months and it felt gooouuuuud:=D

I need to go grocery shopping, but the danged stupid neighbor across the street, has a handyman of some sort there and guess where he has parked?? At all the friends, family, handyman, cabdrivers etc favorite place - across our gates at "her" side of the street! So it is virtually impossible for me to get the 4WD out of the gates and I do not want to confront them cause I know for sure that I'm gonna blow a fuse or two... So I just have to wait and see :-(

Time to put some clothes on and start sandwiching the second bedspread, I saw a video clip somewhere that made it all so easy using a wall instead of a table or the floor.

Have a lovely weekend all!


Anna said...

Tack för tipset, vilken farligt frestande butik!

Wolfie said...

Anna - det är nog den butik jag handlar mest från - utbudet är stort, priserna fantastiska och ursnabb service - mina paket är redan på väg. Dom skeppar USPS flatrate om man ber om det och ett kuvert kostar 12,60USD och det går in 6 yrds i det. Även om tullen skulle lägga sina giriga små tassar på det, blir det endå långt billigare än i Sverige Och gör dom det inte, blir det verkligen reapriser per yrd.=D