Verrahhh quiet

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

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I know I know, I'm more quiet than a door mouse these days for various reasons and hence - almost no sewing is done. Well I do have brought out the first of two bead spreads for the RV and continued quilting it. I said id before and say it again - I am not at all good with quilting. In my more far flung moments I think that quilting would be so more easily done on a longarm, but where would I put it and - would I really make use of all that money spent?? So one day last week I decided to let this quilting process take it's time and on a good day I quilt one block and that way it all seem more manageable:-9

When I don't wring that spread through my Janome 6600 machine I read. I read a lot. And most is good reads - new ones or old ones...Right now I'm reading "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society" that I borrowed from my BIL and it is one terrific read. After this one I'm going to of these truly great novels.

And when I don't wring the sandwich through the sewing machine, help the kids with homework, cook or do the laundry and don't read - I paint and stamp my nails. Such a frivolous pastime LOL. One of these days I'm going to empty the sowing trays from last years sowing compost, put in new and sow my new seeds from T&M. it is virtually imposable to get out to the greenhouse, so I thin I will have to make do with the laundry room as soon as the last batch of laundry is dried, folded and put away. I can almost feel the taste of small homegrown tomatoes;-)


Beth said...

Someone has also been doing some work decorating her blog!!!

Keep pushing things through the machine... eventually you will get it done!

Wolfie said...

beth, I found it on a Blogger template page and thought it was quite appropriate:-)

One spread is done (minus the binding) and the second started on. The quilting is far from perfect, but at least it keep the sandwich together. And - who will scrutinize it in the RV and tell me I did a less than perfect job LOL.