Thursday, March 18, 2010

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There are a lot of quilting magazines out there (and only one Swedish) and as with everything else, there are good ones and not so. I used to subscribe to Quilters Home (via a Swedish newspaper agency) and found it hillariously funny and rewarding, but when Mark Lipinsky up and left, the air went out of it. Frankly, I got so dissapointed with the copy cat style that the new director has - trying to come across as Mark II, that I quit my subscription right away. I also subscribed to Quilters Newsletter, but that one has become so uninteresting that I quit.  The list of magazines offered via the newspaper agency is rather short, some Aussie ones but to get them, you need to sign up for 12 issues. Well, I choose two others:
and buy are they good. I think I have read both before without being very impressed, but these two issues are simply awsome! I think I have read them both from cover to cover three times over and in booth there are plenty of stuff that I realy would love to try my hands on. Like to one on the cover of McCalls Quilting, the one to the left with the starshaped in circles type of blocks...but sadly I do think that is beyond my limitations :-(
On the good side, I have only two blocks to quilt and the light natural deviders, then it's only the bindings and the two bed covers for the RV are ready. Maybe the snow will be thawed at the same time, so I will be able to take them out there. Going to be interesting to see how they fit ;-)