Like Christmas in March

Thursday, March 11, 2010

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Believe it or not, but I haven't bought any fabrics in many months, but after auditioning a whole lot of the ones in my stash for the binding of the RV bedspreads, I gave up and simply had to buy some. One of my fav stores is Thousands of Bolts, not only do they carry a very large range of fabrics, but at terrific prices and they get here in less than a week. And - I found one that I thought would fit and today it arrived together with some others:
It's the second from the left and I'm pretty sure it will suit. The one to the far left is a kiddy Easter print, bought it with no use in mind more than it's cute. I think I have some panels and yet one more fabric in the same range and when i told John he just shrugged his shoulders and said "collecting fabrics is like collecting anything else". Isn't he wise my precious son?? ;-D

The other three fabrics are more of "good to have, will come in handy one day" LOL.


Beth said...

Ohhhhhh I like the second from left too. Looks like a summer dessert!

Looks like you have been busy the last few weeks. It's amazing what a little extra sunshine, slightly warmer temps and some new birds can do.... to make it feel like spring.

Beth-Near Chicago

Wolfie said...

Beth, The fabric is so pretty is make my heart sing and almost (almost) would consider it for some sort of garment ;-P It's Henry Glass "Little Palm Paisly".
We have had sunshiny, but not very warm days and verahhh cold nights the last week, so the snow more or less is stuck where it is. Upcoming weekend they are talking about rains and it's almost a yayyy factor since rain melts snow- right? That means that if evrything goes well, I can make it out to the greenhouse and get the pots for the sweet pea seeds:-D