Tuesday, June 9, 2009

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You know there are scents and then there are Scents and above is the most fantastic tree peony that my DH managed to run over with the lawmover when it was just a baby, But and this year it bloomed like crazy and was so beautiful and smelled heavenly.

I still have the hardest of times standing commercial, synthetic laded stuff and have this craving for natural, handmade soaps. Lucky me to have a friend who makes the best soaps in the world as far as I am concerned. Hmm, ok, there is one more gal who makes them, but I haven’t tried hers soaps in a very long time.

I’m so lucky to have the owner Justine of the Scented Djinn as my friend and she is the most generous and sweet spirit, added with a witty penmanship and at times sharp tongue. Don’t to mention a soap maker extraordinaire and a natural perfumer heaven sent. Sum all that up and you end up with a woman of my taste entirely ;-)

If you ever is need for luscious all natural botanical soaps and other exiting stuff, this is the place to visit her Etsy shop
I ordered Pachai Ellai White Tea, since patchouli smelling soaps are my top fav ones and let me tell you, I was not disappointed – far from it. Just to submerge my nose into that sweet paisley fabric

made me almost swoon from sheer pleasure. Now soaps don’t come better than that, it’s the kind I would like to stuff my pillow to make my dreams exotic and

The soaps and other goodies wasn’t protected by the usual plastic chips, but with the wonderful pieces of fabrics. This piggy one made my youngest giggle so hard he almost fell down the stairs and a red and gold hibiscus print he claimed for a pillowcase in this room. That boy has a great taste, that’s for sure:-D
I also got a jar of Honey and Violet scrub – ack the scent is wonderful, that made me cheeks as smooth as baby bottoms, an amazing citrus and frankincense hydrosol blend – it smells so intriguing and fascinates me – I couldn’t really fathom what was in there, sniff and sniff again and still kind of ???

To brag a bit about my own achievements - at work today I managed to solve a discrepancy problem in some financial reports all by myself and yesterday I put the last stitches in latest bedspread quilt and my youngest declared “I’m proud of you Mom!” :-D I haven’t photographed it yet, but will be within the next week. Now I really need to get down to learn the basics of EQ6, since I want to design a lap sized comfort quilt as a gift for someone who is in much need of all comfort he can get. It’s going to be in blacks and blues and I do have a design in mind, but I want to be able to play around with the computer first.

Live long and prosperous ;-P


Candy Tucker said...

Wolfie, so fun to read your blog. WE have peonies here, but they grow on bushes, not trees.
Love, love, love the piggy fabric. How cute.

Wolfie said...

Hi Sweetie,
Don't know why they are called (Chinese) tree peonies here...but might be to keep them apart from the ordinary fragrant garden ones??? But they are so amazingly beautiful that I hord a desire to start collecting them,
Hugs back at ya:-)