How lucky am I??

Saturday, June 13, 2009

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I got tickets to Fleetwood Mac I got tickets to Fleetwood Mac I got...... OK I admit, this is one group I have loved forever and can listen to over and over again, you know like the principal in School of Rock LOL. So when I read a notice in yesterdays paper that it's now official, they are coming to Sweden on the 10th of October to play at Globen Arena I told the DH and batted my eyelashes like crazy;-P

Our experience with getting tickets online here from the official retailer is not the best, it's such a strange system - very unfair and stupid. So imagine my great GREAT surprise when I came downstairs this morning and the DH said he had something to cheer me up with - and showed me 2 tickets in 2nd front row!!!

Oh my oh my oh my......the only concert I ever had such great tickets too was Tina Turner way back in the 80th and that was an experience you never forgot:-D

I'm gonna see Fleetwood Mac, I'm gonna see Fleetwood Mac, I'm gonna see.......


pojeda said...

I am sooooooo happy for you Wolfie! You have a dreamy and wonderful time!
Oh, and by the way.....I am soooo JEALOUS! LOL!

Wolfie said...

I still can't believ it's true and that the DH had such a great timing. A couple of minutes later and all teh top places was sold out.
I'm gonna see Fleeeeeetwoooood Mac:-D