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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

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It's been ready for some days, but I could not post any pics until the recipient was in the air, winging her way over the Atlantic. My niece Mathilda will be lading shortly after 5pm local time after an exiting year in Flint, MI - mom and friends are going to meet up at the aiport. And at home guess what awaits her? The (second) patriotic quilt, this one made from all these gorgeous jelly strips that the marvelous fellow Pickles sent me. I delivered it on Sunday (possible thanks to my darling, who drove me over in the worst downpoor ever) and my sis and me placed it on Mathilda's bed and it looked gooooooood:-D

The top made with blocks inspired from the book Jelly Roll Quilts by the Lintots.

The back made from Mark Lipinski's Califon fabric

I think all the blocks are unique and here is a small collectionof them.

So whatdayathink??? Pretty great - huh??


Anna i Åkarp said...

Ja, jättesnyggt på alla sätt!

Carmen i Malmö said...

Vilket jobb du lagt ner på detta och "ungen" måste ju bli jätteglad. Det blev urtjusigt!

Trish said...

Wolfie! I am so proud to be your friend, and so proud to have been part of this!

I opened the post, saw the quilt and burst into tears. You are a WONDERWOMAN!

Love, Trish in WI

Katarina said...

Jättehärligt täcke! Hoppas det blir ordentligt uppskattat! Katarina

The Roslaskys said...

What a wonderful quilt! I'm one of the many who contributed strips and it's great to see what you've done with them!

Kathy in Jupiter FL

Mathilda said...

Soooo beautiful! I Love it :) and all times i'm not in, it will be there :D
Thank you thank you Thank you <3 <3 <3

Åsa said...

Thank you all who have contributed to this marvelous quilt. And Thank You sis!! It is beautiful and my daughter is soo soo proud to have it as a beadspread on her bed :)
Love you honey !!!

Wolfie said...

Anna, Carmen och Katarina - tack så jättemycket för berömmet, det värmde gott! Kram.

Trish - it would never have happened if not for you and your loving care. Love ya back

Kathy - this quilt would definitely not had happened if not for your and the rest of the über generous Pickles. Hugs!

Mathilda - I am sooooo darned happy that you love it since it's never easy to make something for someone else without being able to get any input during the ride. Masssor med kramisar!!

Sis - love you too and hope you both and your furry gals (no Mathilda, you are not included in that ROFLMAO)have a great Midsummer. Ha, you know what I think about that holliday - right ;-9 Mera kramar:-D

Now there is absolutely no excuse but to get down to the second pair of curtains from hell for mt friend F....

Lena P said...

Vilket snyggt täcke, det blir hon säkert glad för.

Chandra the Crazed Quilter said...


You are so talented and a joy to correspond with.

Quilty hugs,

Wolfie said...

Lena - tack för de snälla orden, man blir alltid lika glad över beröm.

Chandra - thanks for the praise - one of these days I'm gonna be too full of myself ROFLMAO. Oh, saw that you are playing WoW - one of these days maybe you meet my 10yr old "out there"? :-)