Hate, hate this computer

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

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Coming early summer I have owned this HP Pavilion laptop and during that time it has died and gone stone cold dead into repairs THREE times during the warranty first and only year and several pieces of hardware was exchanged. Since the last time last summer it has behaved well, but during the last weekend it must have decided that it needed a bit TLC again and got fatally ill. Couldn’t access our LAN, to use any application or viewing documents was chewier than toffee and it just was impossible to do any work. Lucky me to have a husband who worked as a computer tech in his youth (loooong time ago so a thing or two has happened with computers since then) and still knows how to fix these things. So after spent in the vicinity of 10hrs with this machine and still not getting it to work, he had to relent to do a full recovery which means that all programs I have installed myself and all documents had to be re-installed. Thankfully I could make a backup before the DH started to dink with it, so I could burn all photos and documents on a CD (totally forgetting there are modern things as memory sticks to use – sigh) and I found all program CDs:-9 But as it happened all times before – all my bookmarks are gone – kaput and that sucks bigtime. I think….on the other hand there might be some hidden meaning in that happening?? Like Ylva – do something else than surf!! LOL

Next time this happens I think I'm gonna get hold of a sledgehammer or run over it with the big car ;-)