I've done it!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

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This is one heck of an achievement and lordy me, am I proud that I pulled it of! It started with the American patriotic inspired pillows showed in an earlier post that I made for a couple we know and ended in this humongous bedspread in the very same colors.

I confess – I had no clue of the amount of work it would take, nor the effort and stamina. In fact, I didn’t think it through at all. I just accepted the consignment and took it from there. My dear Pickle friends knows the various stages I have been through during this process and sewing it all on a “ordinary” sewing machine was on the verge if stupidity, but I don’t think I need to bore you with these details. I just tell you that this bedspread is 260X260cm which is round 2.84yrds, the red, blue and whites are from, Mountain Mist Cream Rose batting from and Henry Glass Cottage for backing. Sewing stuff for others isn’t easy, you might think it’s all fine and dandy, in fact you think you have created something very very unique and great but the recipient might view it differently. So I cross my fingers (toes and everything else) and hope’n pray with all the power of my feverish little hear that it’s new owners are going to love and appreciate it.

The pictures are taken in broad sunlight and the clothesline is pulled it to its full extension, hence the quality and looks of the pictures.


Anonymous said...

jättesnyggt tycker Karin i Östersund

Annika said...

Riktigt läckert!

Anonymous said...

Bra gjort!
Birgitta i Arboga

Pam in Northern NJ said...

Woo Hoo! Way to go Wolfie. It looks great!

Lizzan said...

Oj vilket läckert täcke!!!
Kram Lizzan

Anonymous said...

Awesome Wolifie! It's stunning!
JoJo in Minnesota

Trish said...

Awesome Wolfie! It looks beautiful. Very graphic and stunning!

Wolfie said...

TACK alla ni för det underbara berömmet - det behövdes verkligen och värmde gott!

THANK YOU all for the wonderful praise - it was sorely needed and warmed mu ego:-)

Carmen i Malmö said...

Så läckert det blev. Tänk att ha en svenskinspirerad "flagga" liggande på sängen. :o) Kram Carmen

Åsa said...

You did it!
It looks amazing and I will kick some ass if the recievers has anything to complain about!

Guess what??
Mathilda didn´t read the airfare correctly, AND overslepted, so she missed her flight to LA this morning!!
Guess What?
Her mom wasn´t happy AT ALL with her.
She was blessed, the airport staff did give her a new flight this afternoon with no extra charge. She will miss some of the adventure, but at last she will go, I hope!
love you sis