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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

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There are times when you sit in front of the computer with fat, big ?? circling over your head. Like right now trying to log into my blogger account and getting an error message, therefore couldn't write or view any posts. After a couple of sign outs and ins, the bug let go and enabled me my rights over Wolfiestitchin again :-D

Last night in bed before turning out the lights while reading an old copy of Quilting Arts, I just pointed at an an for a longarm machine and told the DH - that is what I want!! I think he asked some half intelligent questions, but as things stand right now, there is not money or space enough to get such a wonder...buhuuuu.

Today is my youngest's 10th's a big difference between being 9 and turning 10 LOL. Apart from his gifts (as usual we spoil them rotten LOL) he had asked for my homemade stirfried noodles with veggies, chicken and shrimps for dinner and asked me kindly if we could add a hefty dose of sweet chili sauce. Of couce we can - hot is GOOOOOODDDD.

I wait for a large package of batting so I can complete the US flag type of bedspread that was commisioned me and I realy need to get my act together to start on some curtains for another friend, not to mention the special project that will be finished in early June. But for class tomorrow night, I think I will start on something new - a Spring themed table runner for our dining table.

Oh, to have something truly great and good to look forward too, I think I'm going to start to save some money each month in a "Wolfie goes to Huston (or Paducah or Chicago or....)" account. Knowing me and how happy I am to buy new fabrics (not to mention the DHs urge to mod his motorcycle again and again), that will probably take some years to accomplish;-P But hey, retirement will allow me to go away for a looooooong time LOL.


Marita said...

Vi saknade dig i torsdags

/ Kram Marita