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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

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Not often do I write two posts in day, so this is an exception ;-) , but I am kind of pleased right now.

I do have a job, job - you know that kind where you sit in front of a computer most of the time, pulling this or that data out of the belly of the bank's mainframe or server systems, putting the facts together this way or the other and - getting paid a nice salary.

In most of my free time (that is when I don't do all that mom and housekeeping stuff) I sew. Like an obsessed ;-) To keep hands and mind occupied plus I love the way quilting make me put colors and shapes together, start out here and end there. Honestly - I am mostly pleased with the outcome of my creations (sometimes after having to rip out seam after seam), well even severely proud. And family and friends give praise and my pride sore a bit more LOL.

I know very well that here in Sweden it's almost impossible to earn a living from quilting, so I don't even consider trying. But lately some commissions has happened my way; one a birthday gift (the star pillows mentioned in an earlier post) that was – gifts, the two American patriotic inspired pillows (see below), a couple of plain drapes and three pair of curtains for my best friend and – a double bed (180X200cm) sized bedspread (260X260cm) for the couple with the patriotic pillows. I can’t say what went on in my head when I accepted the bedspread, but there is a first for everything huh? And – I get paid to do what I love to do:- D Ok, straight long seams isn’t very fun, but the end result is still rewarding and I look upon these drapes and curtains when I visit my darling friend and feel mighty pleased that I made them happen.

I have no inclination to drag one of them drape fabric to sewing class on Thursday and the red-blue and white bundled I ordered yesterday (heck I have never spent so much money on fabrics in one go ever) will take a week to get here, so tomorrow I’m going to put together a small kit to make a new wallet. The one I have now, kind of got a wee bit stretched so all the CCs tend to fall out, plus it need a bit of remodeling, putting the coin pocket on the outside instead of the inside.

Time to start dinner, soup Vichyssoise and garlic bread – yummy!


Dionne said...

Congratulations! I also have one of those 'Day Jobs' but I'm so pleased that you are getting commission work!

Åsa said...

-here is the link to Mathilda´s blogg :)

Gonzalo Sainz-Trapaga said...

Hallo Ylva, I found your new blog after some detective work in cyberspace, I had tried to contact you without success some years ago.
My name is Gonzalo, am an artist and live in Germany. Teach myself into natural perfumery and tincturing since years, collecting all sort of materials in my travels,etc... stealing the time from my other works. Often very disappointed and no
one to ask why this smells like that or else?. I would like to talk with you and be allowed to smell your compositions.
Admire your quilting and you putting your energy into that, remember visiting quilting shops, just for the pleasure of seeing, in London where I lived many years and in Paris where I am often for work and take extra days off in order to walk the city.
My two godchildren live in Sweden and I am two to three times a year, last time for christmas and new year, in Örebro. Would love to visit you in Stokholm one day if you would recieve me.