Out of the starting blocks

Monday, February 2, 2009

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I've started on a special project, made possible by my amazingly generous friends in the Pickle group. These girls (and boys??) sent me 4.0kg (that's round 8lbs) of 2.5in fabric strips in red, blue and white that will last me this project and then some:-)

TAHAHAAAA, now that I have published the pictures I realise that I managed to turn the halv triangle blocks the wrong way in the block to the righ. H-l and damnation, out comes the grim ripper LOL.


Christine said...

Oh Ylva, they look so beautiful :)
I am one of the 'girls' LOL who sent some.
Love ya girl,
Christine/SE PA

Wolfie said...

You know -sorting through that humongous ziplock bag was like sorting through a bag of love and - they all smelled differently good too. Many of the girls had been so considerate, that they even cut of the selvages, some startched the strips - all making my job so much easier:-D
Love you back!