Force of Nature

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

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You know I have two dogs and Fiona, the oldest (+7yrs) is very well obedience trained (for being a Rhodesian Ridgeback that is ;-)). As good in fact we could have competed many years ago. I trust her to never get into any mischief - if there aren’t cinnamon rolls and meatballs involved that is, because for these she can levitate. It’s true; I’ve seen it – from lying on the carpet to rise vertically and snatch that tempting cinnamon roll on the coach table and running for cover LOL..

Fiona don’t get into heat very often, ten or more moths goes by between and so far, they have been mostly fairly easy and never, not once in 7 years has she ever shown any tendencies to try to find a mate and have some moaning and groaning – grin.

This time the heat has gotten to her, she suddenly had an immense appetite, whining all the time like “ohhhh woe is me”. This morning she stood in the dog sofa looking out, whining, and trying to tell me with her eyes to let her out. Not in your life, when it’s the time when most dogs in our neighborhood walks by. But after breakfast I had to let them out, Arwen did her stuff and went back inside – it’s minus 6C for Pete’s sake and no ridgeback stays out for long voluntarily! But Fiona lingered, sniffed here, put her head through the fence looking up and down the street, sniffed some more rounds the ice covered lawn and then took her usual round behind the house. I went back inside and suddenly I saw through the window that the front gate was open, which it had not been just a few minutes earlier. Better safe than sorry so I went round all our property, but no Fiona to be found anywhere.

I realized that there was no idea whatsoever for to get dressed and try to find her, no human ever has outrun/walked a ridgeback and I had no idea what direction she has taken. After 15minutes she came trudging down the street, looking a bit sheepishly, knowing very well she had behaved extremely naughty. As I said – it’s minus 6C outside and no guy dogs in the neighborhood was out alone, so I think Fiona’s mission was incomplete. At least I hope and pray it’s so, because mongrel pups are not my idea of fun. Guess who will be heavily supervised for the rest of the week?? Hint – her name starts with a F ROFLMAO.