Thursday, December 9, 2010

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I confess, I find that finding backing that suits a project is not that easy. Well of course we can get xtra wide quilting backing over here too, but you can guess the price huh? And of course I can get it from the USA from stores like A Thousands of Bolts, but that mean getting one piece at the time cause there is only so much fabric you can squeeze into a USPS flatrate envelope...

So often I "cheat" that is getting normal wide fabric and sew it together, but that means that you have to have round 5-6 yards to fit a Swedish double bed and honestly, I very seldom have that kind of yardish in my stash. Soooo, I cheat even more and do something many quilter considers a no-no, I use bed sheets:-O Depending on the project, I can't see why not. I know I know, bed sheets don't have the same thread count as quilting fabric has, but for stuff like the headboard cover, the backing don't show at all. And the upcoming DWR quilt for my MIL - how often do anyone think she is going to wash it? Not once I believe.  Therefore I ordered two extra wide sheets from a catalogue company, affordable and it matching colors and is quite pleased with myself:-) And while waiting for them to arrive, I'm going to start audition blue quilting fabrics for the DWR. I must check my stash to see if I have enough of cream muslin for the background though, otherwise I simply have to make that ToB order nevertheless;-9