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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

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Think Rod Stewart there LOL. After a month or so of non sewing activity, I have set my mind to finish the Mariners's compass headboard cover in a near future. Why? I have come up with the perfect combined birthday and moving gift for my darling MIL. Me and my sis have't exactly been fortunate in the mother department, but I was very lucky to get a wonderful MIL along with the DH.  In two months time, she will move to her very first own home ever. The thing is, she has never lived by herself - she got married with my FIL direct out of her childhood home and they stayed together for 56 years. Now a widow since 2 months, she has to adapt to a new way of life. So what to get her? The other day it hit me - a Double Wedding Ring quilt!!! I must confess that I am mighty pleased with this idea and when run by the DH and my thoughts around the project, he totally agreed. My MIL loves blue, so I have to check out the description of the pattern I bought (it included thick acrylic templates - yayyhhh) on how much fabric is needed. Luckily she don't have a Kingsized bed, but a standard Swedish 90cm one :-D

Gahhhh, how I hate this climate and since it's only november, this is probably only the start of a truly horrible winter -  heavy winds, drifting snow and only +17C in the bedroom :-(


Melody said...

Hang in there Wolfie. I'll be anxious to see pictures too.

Wolfie said...

Have no fear - pictures will be shown:-D