As far from Huston you can get

Sunday, November 7, 2010

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One of my dreams is to be able to afford going to the Huston show, but in meantime for that to happen, we have the Swedish version called The Sewing Festival. After being located at smaller very cramped fairs, it's now located at the very large Stockholm International fair in Älvsjö. You might think that since the fair is so large the festival ought to have grown in size, but oh no - it's only large in space, not in vendors and it took us about just over one hour to walk it through. We was smart enough to get there late in the afternoon when most of the visitors had left, so there was plenty of space and good air supply :-)

Anyhow, the big reward going there was spending time with my younger sis - it's sooooo nice to walk up and down the ails, checking out and discussing stuff. The fair host not only sewing stuff, but all sorts of yarns (that category has grown), scrapbooking and stuff we would rather be dead than caught with LOL. And we where so good - I even came home with most of the money I had brought. I only bought two seamrippers, a pattern for small makeup bags, some stiff foundation and a foundation with cm grids printed on it. Sis only bought some yearns and a new wallet. Plus we bought each other a Christmas present......yeah, this way you get something you really want :-D
Thank you darling sis for a wonderful time!

The thing is about fairs in Sweden - all vendors keep the same price for their wares that they to in shops etc. And absolutely no give aways, no matter if you show yachts, motorcycles, home decorating or - handicraft stuff. I was so fascinated to see how many women actually bought bundles of fat quarters or bags full of yarn at prices you could get twice as much for in American online stores. OK I admit, at times you have to bow down and buy fabrics in a store when you need to get the color combination absolutely right. But in the long run, buying on internet works very very well.

Time to get out of bed and start the lardy - bläääää boring.