One ring to find ring to bind them....

Sunday, December 19, 2010

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Well I admit, I'm not totally sure if that is the correct paraphrase from the Lord of the Rings, but I hope so.
After reading the instructions for the DWR quilt I bought along with heavy duty acrylic templates ( I swear - these templates going to last me a lifetime and be my legacy to a daughter in law (if I ever get one), they are like at least 5mm thick!) over and over again, I decider to try it out. So after auditioning a nice collection of blues, I got going with the smallest rotary cutter and it was no big deal at all. I even managed to follow the instructions and could sew the melon shapes and - attach it to the middle part without much trouble. Until I read that you ought to leave the end pieces un sewn until you piece the next rings to the first, hence the wobbly shape. But since I sewed the corner pieces together at first, I know that the whole thing lays flat when sewed together:-)

So without much ado - here is the first ring block:

 In lack of natural light, I used the flash so it don't look 100% ok. My MIL likes blue, so all the rings are going to be in blue varieties, cause I don't think I have enough fabrics for all the rings to look the same. But I strongly suspect that I need to keep all the corner pieces (the most colorful ones at the end of the melon wedges) the same and - maybe the purple ones next, to bind it all together  - right??

Now I have to place it on Sam's bed (it's the same width and my MIL's) and calculate how may circles I have to make. I plan to make a café au alit colored border and a blue binding.

So what do you think? I'm kind of proud of my very first try out with curved shapes :-D


Anna i Sandviken said...

One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
Borde kunna den utantill egentligen. Hm. Hur som helst är DWR ett av mina favvismönster, ditt block ser kanonbra ut och jag är så nyfiken på hur det kommer att bli!

Wolfie said...

Klantigt med en dubbelpost - suck.
Detta är allra första gången jag testar DWR och helt ärligt trodde jag aldrig att jag skulle lyckas med ett sång komplicerat mönster. Hoppas jag har tillräckligt med tyger så att det "bara" blir två variationer av ringar. På ett litet överkast tror jag att det skulle bli för "grottigt" med fler.