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Monday, July 25, 2011

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In preparation for going on vacation, I asked for some advice on what hand sewn quilt project I could take along. And apart from Cathedral Windows (which I had done plenty lately - in fact I don't think I have shown you the last one - the pinkish and I think I need to take a pic of it tomorrow.....) there was a joint "English Paper Piecing" reply.

Ok I admit, I have always found EPP kind of grannyish, very old-fashioned. But in need, bow in and make do with what there is - I mean not that the Horizon would,'t fit into the RV, but heck if there in a table sturdy enough to carry it's 14kg of weight. So I found a site with printable hexagons in various sizes. Well we all have to learn somewhere don't we?  Hexagons seemed to be the easiest of the various shapes and as I wrote in an earlier post, I printed and cut out 898 1 inch hexagon paper pieces. And - I managed to cut out fabrics in various colors and shades from my scrappy stash and left over jelly rolls strips in between all the other vacation planning. I didn't have time to muse over or plan the design nor colors, just used whatever fancied me.

So during our 2 week vacation in the RV, I managed to cover exactly 500 hexagons with all them small fabric bits
Back home I started to assembly them and I'm pretty sure I went about it the wrong way - I think you are supposed to sew 6 pieces to a middle one, but instead I kind of sewed the pieces on in circles outside that middle piece. Still without any idea on how to design the thing, I picked one color the for each "circle". There was times in this project when I thought this was the ugliest piece of patchwork I have done in a long time, but in the end I kind of fancy it. This is how it looks - one pic in daylight with the piece nailed to the outside wall ;-o
and one taken inside on a slightly pinkish wallpaper:
The true look is more like the outside pic and I kind of like it. The DH calls it the "beehive" just because of the shape.

Now the big questions is - how to proceed?? I intent to use it on a large pillowcase (what is it with me and pillowcases???) but the shape....????? Do I applique it on a solid colored piece of fabrics or what?
I have ordered a book on the subject on EPP, but I'm not sure I have the patens (sp??) to wait for it to arrive.

Time to get ready for bed, have a meeting with an eye doc tomorrow morning, so no sleeping late :-(


Nina-Marie said...

ohhh these are great! I told you it was addicting!!!

jette said...

Fine hexagoner! Jeg er imponeret over, at du har nået at lave 500 i løbet af jeres ferie! Jeg har et meget ambivalent forhold til dem. Jeg kan godt li' dem som sådan, men jeg gider ikke sy dem. Jeg har dog lavet en pude, som jeg blev færdig med i år. Jeg syede halve (og kvarte i hjørnerne) til kanterne, så de blev lige. På den måde kunne jeg lave et pudebetræk. Billede her, hvis du vil se:

SubeeSews said...

Beautiful hexies. They are so fun to make. I must have that many done too. I skip from making a batik one to blues and creams and then a random one...I have BOXES of them basted!

Wolfie said...

To all - you are all s o right - the hexies are very very addicting. They are also very soothing for the soul to make. Putting them together is something different entirely LOL. My poor Horizon is starting to gather dust.....

Jenny said...

Ja visst är de starkt beroendeframkallande? Jättehärligt resultat! Jag har också startat sy hexagoner, men vet inte riktigt hur jag ska avsluta. Mitt ska bli ett täcke. Jag är inne på att applicera på ett bakgrunds/kant-tyg, eftersom jag inte vill ha några halva hexagoner. Ska du göra en kudde så kanske du kan ha halva?
Lycka till! // Jenny

Wolfie said...

Jenny - are you going to make an entire bedspread with hexies? WOOOOOOW. I might someday, but not with 1 inch ones, that's for sureLOL.
I bought a book called "Piecing It All Together" from and (I think) one of the finishing techniques they told about was to cut away fabric so you get a straight line and then add a border. But you would have to cut of a lot of hexagon bits then...But appliqueing it to a foundation fabric and then cut it clean from behind...well a lot of waste of fabric and such hurts ;-)