Inspired week

Saturday, July 30, 2011

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Last week (before going back to work after a 4 week vacation) was unusual inspiring. First cam the latest issue of Quilters Newsletter. In my opinion that magazine has kind of slide downhill the last 2 years and I had stopped my prescription, only to take it up at the issue before this. I was so disappointed in that one, so this last issue was such a great surprise - it was truly inspirational magazine. Imagine I found three patterns and two new fabric collections I coveted.
But believe me - there has never been such a great quilters magazine as Quilters Home under Mark Lipinski! That one was a true joy to read from cover to cover.

Lucky for us, Mark has an ongoing project on his blog about the creative process from a lot of various angels and they all make perfect sense. All I can say is hop right over and read all of these blog posts, they are fun and enlightening and makes you go hmmmmm, ouhmmm, yahhh etc. etc.

Then my order from Paper Pieces for a hexie 1 inch starter pack and a book arrived on Tuesday - that was the quickest USA-Sweden turnaround time ever. I placed the order on Friday and it arrived on Tuesday - simply amazing. The books is full of solid advice and ideas for creativity. right now I think I need to browse through it again because I have piles of hexies that I simply can't find the right color placement for.

But first - back to the 3 loads of laundry that is on my to do list for the day.
Have a lovely weekend :-D