Work cut out for me

Saturday, June 18, 2011

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You know English Paper Piecing has never really talked to me, I considered it as quiltings twin of crocheted granny squares LOL. But since I felt a need for some hand sewn project to take along on a vacation, I've started to rethin. Now the quilting world is very generous with advice and suggestions and many suggested just EPP. And know what? Many patterns and their finished quilts aren't very "grannyish" at all!

Found a place online with hexagons on a printable PFD file and while no-one watched, I printed all 30 pages of them. 30 hexagons X 30 pages = 900 smallish hexagons to cut out. Why 900 you might ask? Well I've read that either you could use a few templates or - you need gazillions of the desired shape. And since i have no idea so far of either pattern nor color placement, I thought better safe than sorry, waking up in the middle of nowhere with not enough hexagons. And since I have yet decided on fabrics or color placements, I believe that I need to keep the paper shapes inside until I have sewn some blocks together. Of course, if I had been sane, I would have checked out the prices for laser cut shapes at (a site I had visited but not through rough checked out), they are affordable even for a Swedish gal LOL.

So I started comfortably set up in the porch swing and after 2 pages son No1 came out "Oh, du pysslar" which in English comes in the vicinity of "oh you are pottering", but I swear that even though an online translator came up with pottering, it can't be the right word. After one hour or so he came out again "have you at least reached 100???" Well, when I was finished with that page I had reached 180 and have only 720 to go :-O
Here is some proof:
I have absolutely no clue whatsoever on what to make, but 900 hexagons small enough (I think I need to measure them) to use jelly roll strips out to lead me somewhere :-)


Melody said...

Wolfie, I've come to love paper piecing which I never thought I would. However, not sure if the cost is prohibitive where you are but I buy my pieces from They're nice firmer paper and laser cut and the best part - no puttering around. Thats what my kids call it.

Wolfie said...

Melody, I had visited that site and I think that's where I got the PDF file, but silly me didn't check out the prices for the laser cuts.... But I better do it my way, I can't be sure that a package would arrive in time though.

Puttering around - huh? ;-)

Karen L. said...

Hi Wolfie, I see you just joined the Quilt Board. I noticed that you had a blog so I came for a visit. Nice. Love all you dog talk too. Anyway, welcome and hope you enjoy all the posts to the QB. I have been quilting for a while but I still pick up ideas and such from reading the posts myself. Looks like you DO have your work cut out for you with all of those paper pieces. Good luck.

Wolfie said...

Hi Karen and thanks for dropping by. I do love my dogs - and kids, but in a different way LOL. I'm sure I'm going to enjoy myself very much at QB and learn a lot of new things. I have found that quilters (as natural toiletries makers) are very generous and sharing, at times amazingly so.
Ha, with 798 hexagons I' surely will keep myself occupied for a while :-D