Happy New Year

Friday, January 1, 2010

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to all and everyone!!
Thanks to the dining room table that acts like my sewing table, is decorated for Christmas and all sewing stuff is stored in the study, not even a new cover for the 2010 almanack can be made.

So instead I have be re-reading novels from the 90th (Sally Bauman) cause my stack of new and unread books is zilch and - since I figured that nail polish and sewing don't exactly go hand in hand - I created a new blog for just for decorating nails and occational other beauty stuff. If anyone might be interested, you can find it here
Believe it or not, polsihing your nails is great fun LOL.
That blog has had patheicaly small number of hits, so if anyone has any good advice on how to direct traffic there, just holler.

Hugs from a very snowy and coooooold Stockholm!