The good and the bad

Thursday, January 7, 2010

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There has been some sadness in our house the last week or so, because three of the four salamanders the kids adopted last summer has died. Yesterday John's girlie Lea was found all dried up and did he suffer all day long...cried his little (nah, that boy do have a big) heart out. We figured out that this sudden onslaught of death probably is due to the fact that in captivity these little guys couldn't hibernate and without hibernation they couldn't just make it.

Well, yesterday the fabrics I ordered from Hancocks Paduca finally arrived after have been on their merry way over the ocean. Did it arrive by rowboat one might wonder, since it took four weeks...Happily they looked exactly as I thought they would and I think they will work very well on the tables in the RV.

And finally - after having waited two years or something, Sam finally got a place in his former school and will start there on Tuesday. The current school hasn't worked out for him at all (but it works splendidly for John), well the learning has been OK but many other pupils leaves a lot to be desired from - specially when all the good ones have given up left for "better" schools and the badasses have staid on. Sam can hardly believe it's true - one of his biggest wishes has come true and he will be back with his friends that he went to day care, 1-3 grade and plays soccer with. And as a mom, I feel proud of having managed to finally pull this of for him.

This weekend is the end of Christmas in our house, so all ornaments and Christmassy table cloths and placemats will be stored away and I will get my dinner table back and can start to sew again - yipiieeee!! I think I will start with a small makeup bag for my nailtools

PS What do you think of the new template design? Me like it a looooot:- )


Beth said...

I like the new design.... I'm too lazy to look for any other one.

Glad to hear the kids are happy with school and girls...

It's too hard when they are not happy.

I'm itching to do some sewing too.

Beth -Near Chicago