Monday, January 12, 2009

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For almost two weeks now, I have tried to come up with the right words that say it all, but the only thing I have come up with is: I do have some pretty amazingly terrific friends in this world.
There I stood in the supermarket checkout line when the DH called telling me I had a package from the US waiting at home for me. I knew for sure that I hadn’t (at that time ) ordered anything from anywhere and that the only package I waited for was a Christmas gift from a dear quilting friend. Imagine my immense surprise when I got back home and found this humongous package laying on the hallway floor. Not only humongous in size but heavy as sin and even though I had seen the sender, I couldn’t for the life of me not even begin to guess what was in it……After patiently cutting up all that cardboard I found some beautiful dark stained wooden things and I knew at once what they all where…a handmade quilting frame!!!

I can be very thoughtful and generous to my faraway friends, but I doubt very much that I would even come up with the idea of sending such a thing to the other side of the world. But Justine did and who knows, it might be one part of her culling scheme?? Whether it was or not, this is the most fantastic gift I have received ever (along with that HUGE bag of patriotic fabric strips from the Pickles over at the Pickle road Studio Yahoo group and my darling friend Candy and her amazing “rescue” packages) and these 3 packages arrived within the timeframe of one week. You know, when I’m met with such generosity and friendship from people I have never met IRL, I’m thrown and stunned and……very very teary eyed and my heart just swells in gratitude towards these gals.

Well after the Christmassy stuff was took down and went back into storage, I could finally get out the sewing stuff again. Our nephew Martin has wished for new covers to two LARGE pillows he has on his bed for his birthday, but my SIL had a problem getting around measuring them up. On Tuesday evening I finally got the measurements 70X70cm and the color Martin wanted was “blue…with something else”. Just let me put it like this – I have never worked so hard at sewing to meet a deadline (yesterday evening), but at 4.30pm yesterday I put the last stitch into the binding and could ask John to hold them for me to take some photos.

Today I had time to finalize the cover of my calendar; very girly girl meet India LOL.

After that I started to work on a design for pillowcases I have got an assignment for along with a bed cover quilt.

It’s dank and grey outside and honestly, I would very much like to snuggle up with the dogs, but I don’t think there is space enough on the couch LOL

so all that is left for me to do is to work-work and wait for about 6 packages with fabrics and threads to arrive. Like my own private little Christmas :-D


Anna i Åkarp said...

Vilken fantastisk present och vilka underbara vänner! Jag blir helt rörd själv när jag läser!

Wolfie said...

Varje gång det dyker upp en gåva från mina vänner "over there" så är jag lika förbluffad över hur oerhört generösa de är mot någon de bara känner i cyber rymden.
Sen är det fantastiskt rolig att hitta på "gentjänst" paket, ju fler man gör desdå svårare blir det att hitta på något unikt. Men skoj det är det:-d

Anonymous said...

Hej Ylva, Vilken grej att få så där till jul. Jag och Gittan måste komma till dig och kika på den. Vi hörs / Kram Marita

Wolfie said...

Marita, du och Gittan är hur välkomna som helst när det passar er. Hör av er!!

Deb said...

Wolfette, min käraste: Jag älskar kuddar du gjort, men ännu mer, jag älskar det Lone Star täcke! Det är fantastiskt, och quilting är vacker. Och vän som skickat täcke ram - det som en sann vän hon är. Jag hade tänkt att skicka några blå tyger med vitt, men tyvärr har jag inte att du numera ynkligt som en vän, och jag hoppas ni förlåter mig.
Kärlek och kyssar,