Caught in the middle

Friday, December 5, 2008

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Have it ever happen to you that you started not one, but two projects only to find you are lacking material to continue either on them? This happened to me this week - first a tote bag made with a gorgeous moda charmpack "Nest" that a darling friend sent me. I decided to use it to make a sort of modern art tote bag and lined each square with black modal fabric. Oh it does look good, but to use that thick heavy fabric for the top, bottom and sides of the front and back panel simply would not work. So I needed something softer, like a nice black corderoy which I of course lacked of. So that project was set aside and I started on a gift (very usable) for my sis (Åsa - naninaninahaaaa ) and got it under way until I realised that I did not have enough of a very important part. Well the corderoy I can get here, but this speciality stuff have to be ordered from the USA and I have, so now I can hope for that the USPS and SPS will work in a jointly haste so I'll be able to finish it of before my sis leaves for Flint MI to spend the Christmas with her darling daughter.

Live well and sew easy;-)


Åsa said...

Tell me Tell me Tell me!!!
Gooooosh, it is not allowed to make a little sister this curious!!

Love you honeypie!!

Candy said...

carmelcatHi Wolfie,
Love your blog. Had to laugh at not having enough material to finish projects. That's why I have six projects going right now. Crazy huh? At least it's quicker and easier for me to get supplies here. Hope you finish in time. Can't wait to see photos.