Back to my fragrant roots

Monday, December 1, 2008

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Before there was quilting, there was botanical natural perfumery. Well at least that was my main passion in the creative department until I got sick and once more couldn’t stand scents. But early this summer I got kick started by a group assignment and managed to create an Eau de Cologne that I named “Howl at the moon” and this is the first scent I have ever created that I actually could stand smelling day after day, so I might be on the mend – heh?

I have been into my studio quite frequently because the fragrant materials share the room with all my quilting stuff. I have picked up a vial here and a bottle there, but nothing has called my name. Until today; after having mused over vanilla in its various forms, I finally cleared the desk in my study enough to start a small trial blend. Vanilla me here and vanilla me there… a tad of aged patchouli, some home brewed tinctures: beeswax, Grasseouse (is there such a word??) lavender honey and green pepper corns start to make it interesting. Found no flowers to add, so a bit of lingonberry tincture steered the blend away from overly sweetness and there I stopped for today. If it’s one thing I learned over the years, it is not to go happy galloping, adding this or that until it all turned into some variety of eau de chat LOL.

I also found a maybe quilting project in a jelly roll book (the very same one where the stars in the tablecloth came from), but reading the instructions I realized I need to get another (I only have one) Omnigrid triangular ruler (in inches, not cm) before I can even get started. So online quilt shop owners – beware.