First time out - pillows

Thursday, November 13, 2008

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All of my American quilting friends call me Wolfie, since Ylva is almost impossible to pronounce correctly in English. I live with my dogs, kids and the "love of my love" in a suburb to Stockholm in Sweden. I have had a blog called Perfumum (about natural botanical perfumery), but after trying in vain to get into my Wordpress account( can't get the password to work, no matter how many times I request a new one), I have relented and got me this Blogger blog which main purpose is to show my quilting stuff.

I've been into arts'n crafts one way or the other for my entire life and I've tried all sorts of thread and fabric crafts; crocheting, embroidery, knitting and garmentmaking. Since the summer of 2007 I have been passionatly interested in patchwork and quilting and have been quietly building my stash of fabrics and notions every since

When I started out I started small, small as in pillow cases and most I designed myself:

A DIF pillow for one in the family who cheers for the soccer and ice hockey team Djurgården.

Another pillow, for the other DIF fan in the family.

First pillow for the couch, the design is my own and it's handquilted.

Second pillow - should have been a fan shaped circle, but to me it looks more like a bunch of neck ties LOL. The centre circle is hand embroidered to match the color scheme and I hand quilted the whole thing.

The design is from the Japanese Block Designes book . I realy like the puzzle look of the blocks and they are pleasingly interesting to the eye.

I made this one as a birthday gift for my MIL 2007. She liked it - a lot:-)

Inspired by a quilt design I saw at the Sewing Festival in the fall of 2007, I went home and worked on my own version. I don't own EQ6, so it was made with pen, paper and a ruler. When each block was finished, I nailed it to the paper to make sure the whole thing came out even.

The last one of the pillows so far. This one too is from the Japanese Quilting Blocks book and as the first one, it was hard to piece it together correctly. The colours are different from what I used so far, but the DH wanted something more "colourful";-)

That's it for today, new post will probably be about aprons, before we move on to the big quilts:-)

Have a wonderful weekend all,


Candy said...

Hi Ylva,
Love your new blog. It's a very interesting read. How do you find the time to keep up?
I totally agree with you about the riches that make us happy. What can beat out books, fabric, and thread? (and our pets, of course)
Thanks for letting us know about your blog.

Ann said...

Great collection of pillows.

Trisha said...

Beautiful work - I can hardly wait to see your next creations!

Wolfie said...

Candy - I lay in bed with the laptop on my tummy, dogs snuggled close and the kids doing their stuff close by. That was I can be there for them whenever they need me - Sam even came in here and laid on Lars side, reading a youth novel that he has inherited from me;-O

Ann and Trisha - thanks for the praise - feels gooooood;-)