Dead as a DoDo

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

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To those who have read my erratic posts over the last years on my Perfumum blog (, I sadly must report that it's dead as a DoDo. No that there is anything wrong with the actual blog, but I simply can't log in. The Wordpress system refuse to accept any of my renewed passwords - no matter how much I try. I confess - I don't think the fault lies with WP, but with my laptop. I have the hardest of times to log on to everything from Schoolsoft to this blog and honestly, it was just a hit and run to get in here.... I can't for the life of me figure out exactly where the problem lies, but it's friggin frustrating to not be able to use the passwords on file. I can't bloody well set up a new blog once a week can I???

On a totaly new note: I'm currently reading the most terrific novel; Sovreign by C.J. Sansom. If you haven't read it, run out and grab a copy - it's a totaly engrossing read and you can actualy smell the smells, see the town of York, taste the food of King Henry the 8th England while you read.

Cheers from a grey and very windy Stockholm,