Vi hade i alla fall tur med vädret ;-) PART 1

Monday, July 26, 2010

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Translation: At least we where in luck with the weather. It's a hilarious Swedsh movie from 1980 about a family going on vacation in their caravan.

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And we did....had tremendous luck with the weather - round+30C in the shades for almost three weeks.

Background: I married into a sail yacht of substantial measures (41ft) that the DH and his brother build from scratch. Yup . they even molded the plastic hull all by themselves. All things comes to and end and we decided to sell it in and a new life with two kids and two RR girls began and all our vacations was spent at  home. We got kind of laid back and satisfied with having everything we needed here - like the swimming pool and an icemaker LOL.

Last year the DH opened up for the idea of getting an RV and after spending quite of several days  going here and there to check out all the different brands that was within our budgetrange, we found a one year used car - a Bürstner Elegance and bought it right away. The pictures in the link are from the seller, but it's not our car. Ours looks a bit different when it comes to upholstery and stuff.

We had two of-season weekends out (and we all loved it) before the harshest winter in a long time struck and during the winter we did a lot of modifications - the DH did all the technical improvements and I placed my butt in front of the sewing machine every opportunity I had and sewed; two bedspreads, curtains for 4 windows, two seat covers and a heck of a lot pillow covers. I tried umpteenth of times to take pictures inside the RV to no avail, so this is the only one I managed to far that is true:

So on July 5th we was packed and ready to go. After much discussions we had decided to kennel the girls (for the first time ever in their entire lives) at Fiona's breeder outside of Huskvarna. Oh my, you should have seen the look at their pretty faces when we closed the door to the box and said our by-byes.....Never though eyes could grow that big in a dog ;-P I swear - they look like that big eyed animal in Madagascar LOL.  I promise you this, when we left  Arwen told Fiona of in a big way: "why did you have to go and bite daddy like you did, now we both are locked up here in Dog -Sing and I didn't even do anything!!" Well it turned out that Arwen had the highttime of her life while Fiona sulked during their stay.

Of we went to Gränna, the Polka Pig capital of the world LOL. Gränna is famous for their Polkagris candy (Polka pig if you do an exact translation). We had booked two nights at Grännastrandens camping area. The beach was nice , but nothing fancy - it certainly do not look like in the pictures but the kids bathed nevertheless. Our plot was ok, the service houses great and even though our neighbors did a bit of partying, all was quiet round 10.30pm and there was nice selection of restaurants in the harbor to choose from.

Next step went from Gränna over to Mölndal and south via lunch at an IKEA and stocking up with stuff that was needed - like a teapot LOL and then on to Åsa Camping and Havsbad. The interesting thing about this trip was that all camping grounds had their good and bad sides. This one offered us a plot next to the service house (= a lot of people went closely our lot), there was some sort single mom convention with hoards of kids who lacked a lot in their upbringing. The great thing was closeness to a bakery and a grocery store.
Just look at this beach:
You would think you are at the Mediterranean.

Two nights was enough, so we steered our home away from home to the fancy resort of Torekov at a great campingsite where we ended up on a wonderful large plot under high pines with the neighbors at a distance. The immediate beach wasn't as great as we hoped for, but 5-10 minutes or so away on a bike was the real McCoy ;-)  The kids had a blast bicycling around, John bought himself a landing net and fished for crabs. He actually got quite a few of them, but animal friend as he is, he did put them all back into the sea.
Since we really loved this place, we stayed on for a couple more day's than planned. Good thing since we hadn't booked anyplace ahead in advance . But with the with the (in) famous "Båstad Week" (where the Brats are partying in a rather discusting way) coming up, we decided to  continue our trip along the coast of Skåne.
It turned out to be a very long day trip since we 1) had to shop for more supplies and 2) most camping sites we checked out was fully booked.



Beth said...

Wolfie-We have found the same difficulities/advantages when we've been camping in the motorhome. We always try to be as far from the 'facilities' as possible!


Wolfie said...

You know Beth - it is simply beyond our understanding why people voluntarily camp/park their trailor-RV close up to the facilities.
At all the 7 places we stayed at, the lots closest to the facilities was occupied...strrrrrange.

Mary Ellen said...

Perhaps you might stitch up some charity quilts?

Wolfie said...

Mary Ellen, I'm not sure, but I don't think that charity quilts are done here. I know there was some local guild in the southern parts that make its bitsy blankets for a neonatal ward at their hospital.... So I continue reading books and magazines and wait for the creative side to awaken again ;-)